Mixed Features


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What are Mixed Features?

Generally, Mixed Features is recognized by a series of low and high symptoms. These symptoms occur at the same time or can be a part of the single episode in people who are suffering from mania or depression.

In most types of the bipolar disorder, the mood swings back between elevated and depressive mode over time. But, a person suffering from mixed features experiences “poles” mania as well as depression in a relentless sequence.

Symptoms of Mixed Features?

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At the present, Mixed Features have a great number of symptoms where mania and depression can happen at the same time. These things occur in a rapid sequence where there is no room for recovery in between.

A Person who is suffering from depression during periods of mixed features can have the following symptoms:

  • Sadness
  • Loss of Interest in doing activities
  • Feeling of Guilt
  • Feeling hopeless and Unworthy
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Depression

On the other hand, Mania with Mixed Features has the following types of Symptoms:

  • Racing Thoughts
  • High Energy
  • Speech
  • Agitation
  • Overactivity related to Physical Work

The Impossible in Mixed Features:

In reality, the mixed feature disorder seems to be unreal. How can a patient suffer from depression and manic all at the same time? In another case, the higher levels of mania with depression are not the actual symptoms. And, their occurrences are much more common than people realize.


A person who is suffering from Mixed Features will cry a lot and will be happy after crying. Further, they will be extremely happy and will announce that they have never felt such happiness in their entire life. After some time, they will return back to their ecstatic state.

In terms of the mood lasting, it can last for days, weeks or months going untreated. In some cases, they may reoccur and the recovery process can become much slower than the normal.

Treatment for Mixed Features:

Generally Depressive and Manic Episodes require different treatments with medication. But even at present, these episodes are difficult to control than an episode of depression. However, there are some drugs which can treat Mixed Features such as antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

Mood Stabilizers:

As of now, Lithium is said as the gold standard treatment measure for mania. It is less effective when depression and mania happen all at the same time. Over the course of time, Lithium has been used for around 60 years in treating Mixed Features. It takes weeks time for the drug to work fully. In this case, a check has to be done on the blood levels for avoiding any type of side effects.

Valproic Acid often known as Depakote is a type of antiseizure medication which helps in leveling moods. Further, it has a quick set of action which is much more effective than Lithium. In some of the recent studies, Lithium is more effective for the treatment of Manic Episodes than Mixed Features.


Many of the antipsychotic drugs are much effective which are approved by the FDA. The different Antipsychotics treatment includes:

  • Includearipiprazole
  • Asenapine
  • Olanzapine
  • Quetiapine
  • Risperidone
  • Ziprasidone

By default, thee Antipsychotic drugs are consumed on an alone basis or else with different mood stabilizers for effective results.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT):

Despite the frightening reputation which people have with ECT, it is an effective treatment for treating any type of bipolar disorder. The ECT can treat different types of bipolar disorder including mixed features and manic episodes.  Even today, ECT is really helpful when different types of medication fail for treating mixed features.

Diagnosing Mixed Features:

If you are the one who is suffering from mixed features, you will have to go through a complete set of diagnostic procedure in this case. Here, you will have to experience at least 3 symptoms which must occur during the same time frame:

  • A feeling of sadness and emptiness
  • Loss of Interest in daily activities
  • Speaking much slower or more than normal
  • Loss of energy and constant fatigue
  • Constant thoughts of Suicide and Death

Here, the Doctor must make sure that there is no sort of explanations for the symptoms. Such explanations may include recreational drugs, alcohol abuse or even benzodiazepines. With large consumption of alcohol and drug abuse, the symptoms can vary depending on the severity of mixed features. After identifying the common symptoms of Mixed Features, your doctor can further identify the condition and diagnose it.

Ages Affected in Mixed Features:

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On the basis of a study in 2015 in the University Of Siena School Of Medicine, some informational fact came out. It was found that nearly 40 percent of the people suffering from Bipolar Disorder is experiencing a series of Mixed Episodes. On the basis of age, usually, the teenage people are mostly affected by Mixed Features disorder.

According to age, teenagers who suffer from mixed episodes have much worse symptoms, frequent acute episodes. And, there is an increment in the risk of psychosis.

FAQs on Mixed Features:

Q. Who Gets Mixed Features?

A. On the basis of statistics, around 2 million Americans have the mixed feature disorder. However, certain experts say that the number is around 7% and if affects all races of the society. Mixed Feature is not contagious and does not spread like another contagious disease. Till date, not much is known of the causes of Mixed Features. And, the researchers are busy finding the actual cause for the same.

Q. How Is Mixed Feature Diagnosed?

A. Mixed Features is difficult to diagnose as it has got different symptoms in association with it. However, the diagnosis process of the mixed feature must be done under a mental health professional. Further, it must come under the DSM-IV controlled by the American Psychiatric Association.

Q. What is Depression?

A. Almost everyone must have gone through depression at least once in their lifetime. However, if such depressive condition is lasting for more than two weeks, it is high time that you consult a doctor. And, it is major chance that the person is suffering from intense depression.

At times, depressions can be dangerous and can create a sense of worthlessness and hopelessness. In addition, a person can go through a series of suicidal thoughts which can pose serious impact in individual’s life.

Q. What is Mixed State?

A. In Mixed State, a patient faces the symptoms of both depressions as well as mania. Such symptoms occur at the same time and can be irritating for the patient. A prime example is the occurrence of rapid thoughts of death, suicide, and boredom.

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