Lithium For Bipolar Disorder

What is Lithium For Bipolar Disorder?

Lithium also known as Lithobid or Eskalith is one of the most profound drugs for treating the Bipolar Mood Disorder. For patients who are suffering from Bipolar Disorder, Lithium helps in the reduction of the frequency of mania. In addition, it also helps in preventing severe bipolar depression to a great extent.

According to the studies, consuming lithium on a regular basis can even reduce the frequency of suicidal thoughts. As a result, it can help in preventing future depressive and manic episodes. For this, it is often prescribed for long-term periods such as the maintenance therapy.                                           

How Lithium Acts?

Lithium generally works on the person’s central nervous system such as the brain and spinal cord. Till date, the Doctors don’t really know how lithium works for stabilizing the person mood. But, as far as its working goes, it surely does wonders for any person suffering from Bipolar Disorder. In addition to the working of lithium, it helps in strengthening the brain cell connections which are involved thinking, behavior and regulation of mood.

Now, in relation to the effectiveness of Lithium, it will take several weeks for lithium to begin its actual working. Periodically, your doctor will take your blood tests because lithium can have an adverse effect on your kidneys and thyroid functioning.

For the best working of Lithium, keeping it at a constant level in the body can help in treating Bipolar Disorder. Here, it is vital that the patient must drink around 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. And, use a significant amount of salt in all their foods. As a patient, it is essential to view their salt and lithium levels and he/she must consume it in a much steady amount.

According to the dosage of lithium, it varies from individual to individual depending on the severity level. More often, the bipolar disorder is treated with more than one drug while some patients can get relief from lithium drug itself.

What are the Side Effects of Lithium?

According to the studies, around 75% of the persons who consume Lithium for bipolar disorder may suffer from side effects. Such side effects can be minor but still, can disturb the overall functioning of the body. In a matter of week’s time, the side effects can become less troublesome as the body will be adjustable to the drug.

In some cases, side effects of Lithium can be reduced just by tweaking up with the dose time to time. However, in Lithium or any drug case, you should never change the drug on your own. In any of the cases, your Doctor will be your best friend to prescribe you the drug in the best possible scenario.

Further, given below are the most common side effects of Lithium Drug:

  • Increasing Thirst

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Weight Gain

  • Hand Tremor

  • Difficulty in Concentration

  • The weakening of the muscles

  • Drowsiness

  • Acne

  • Hair Loss

  • The decrement in the Thyroid Functioning

Here, if you are dealing with any of the above symptoms, you must consult your doctor for the same. Whenever you will meet the doctor, tell him/her about a brief history of heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and other allergies. Make sure that your doctor knows about your diseases and there is no room for any point of doubt.

For the avoidance of side effects, there are things which you must take into consideration. Avoid the products which are low in Sodium. Any diet which contains high sodium can increase the Lithium Levels to a great extent. On the contrary, while consuming Lithium, be cautious while driving and limit the consumption of beverages and alcohol.

Now, in any case, if you miss a dose of Lithium, you must consume it as soon as possible. In case, if the next dose is within two hours, here you must consume the next set of dose. In any case, you must never “Double up the Dose” for catching up with several Lithium Dosages.

What are the Risks Associated with the Lithium Drug?

In case of Lithium, still, there are some sorts of risks associated with it. First of all, this drug has links to birth defects and must be consumed in a cautious manner for pregnant women. Especially, when a woman is 3 months pregnant, Lithium consumption must be done in a much careful manner.

Also, in the process of consuming Lithium for a longer period, it can interfere with the kidney functioning. And as a result, things can become detrimental for the patients in nearby future.

Can the Children’s Consume Lithium?

Even today, the medication of Lithium is not yet approved for children under the age of 12 years. Here, you can take your child to a doctor, know the risks, treatments in association with it and then decide, what’s best in this case.

Are there any sorts of Drugs which can be Consumed With Lithium?

At present, there are nearly hundreds of the drugs which are said to interact with Lithium in a number of ways. Here, your doctor must know the exact medication procedure and must know how to give dosages of Lithium.

Some of the drugs which are often consumed with Lithium are antacids, antagonists, caffeine, calcium channel blockers etc.

What is the dose which can be prescribed to someone who is taking Lithium?

Typically, the dosages of Lithium Ranges between 900 to 1800 mg every day depending on the severity levels. In another case, analyzing the symptoms, the dosages can be varied under the consultation of the doctor.

What can you do if you miss the dose?

For taking the dosages, make a daily schedule and consume dose on its specified time. In any case, if you miss a dose, you must look for the next dose time. If there is enough time, you can consume the previous dose. Or else, you must look for consuming the next set of dosages.

What Are the Long-term Effects of consuming Lithium?

One of the major long-term effects of consuming Lithium is the Rental Impairment. Here, your doctor must monitor the progression of Lithium Dosages and then prescribe the adequate dose to any patient.

What Can you do if you Overdose Lithium?

An overdose of the drug Lithium can be Fatal in any case. Here, you can call the helpline NO: 1-800-222-1222 if you overdose the lithium drug. In terms of the overdose symptoms, they can include vomiting, blurred visioning, drowsiness, increase in the urination and feeling tired every now and then.

What is the Costing of Lithium?

On the basis of, 90 300mg capsules of Lithium will cost you around 25$. Here, also, the rates can be slightly different depending on divergent countries all over the world.

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